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Oct 21, 2019 / by Donna Young / In Hair Colour in Peterborough / Leave a comment

The Pros of Balayage and The Cons Of Balayage

Balayage is a really popular hair colouring trend at the moment and has grown in popularity over the last few years. However, as with most things in life, balayage has its pros and cons.

In this blog post we look at these and hopefully it helps you decide if this is the best hair colour option for you. However, we would also recommend you book a hair consultation to talk to one of our team to discuss what you’re after!

Pros Of Balayage

One of the biggest pros of balayage is that it brightens up natural hair in a beautiful way. Balayage is extremely low maintenance too. This is because the colour is painted onto your hair with more on the ends that the roots. This means you don’t have to get your hair coloured so frequently which is ideal if you are always busy.

Another of the popular pros of balayage in Peterborough is that it grows out naturally. This is great because it means you will not have visible re-growth. While balayage looks more natural and youthful, it can also be kinder on your hair than other hair colour options.

If you have fine hair then balayage is great. Balayage makes fine hair look fuller and thicker by adding dimension. It can also give thick hair movement by creating a multi-dimensional look. One other reason that clients like balayage is that it can work out cheaper than foils, over the year.

Cons of Balayage

If you don’t like your base hair colour then balayage is not ideal. This is because not all your hair is coloured with the balayage technique. This is why balayage is not ideal for ladies with grey hair too as you will need a touch up as well as balayage at your hair colour appointment.

Balayage isn’t ideal for ashy hair colours as the tone of these colours will often need to be maintained with regular toners. Another thing to consider is that if you want more control and life over your hair colour then you might prefer foils as opposed to balayage.

While balayage works out cheaper in the long run, over a series of appointments, foils are a cheaper hair colour treatment on a one-off appointment.