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The Reason A Hairdressers Head Massage Is So Good

The Reason A Hairdressers Head Massage Is So Good

Here at Locks and Shades we have lots of clients that rave about how great our head massages are. They love having their hair washed with us, because of the way that our head massages feel. But why is a hairdressers head massage so good?

Personally we feel that that the touch sense is often a much forgotten sensation. So few people treat themselves to a massage because they think it is an unnecessary expenditure or they just don’t have the time.

This is one reason a hairdressers head massage is so good; because a massage is seen as a treat!

Another reason that a head massage by a hairdresser feels so good is because we all have very sensitive nerve endings on our fingers. When you wash your hair and massage your own head you are feeling the sensation on your scalp, but in your fingertips too. However when you have a head massage from a hairdresser all you feel is the massage on your scalp.

Here at Locks and Shades we invite you to lay back with your feet up too, if you want. This isn’t often how you would wash your hair at home, unless you’re in a relaxing bath. The sensation of just laying back and leaving it to someone else certainly helps with the enjoyment of a hairdressers head massage.

Everyone is trained in head massages and washing hair. This means that they know where the different pressure points on your head and neck are. They have been trained to use a combination of different massage techniques in different areas. By applying the right amount of pressure, in the right way, in the right places creates the perfect head massage.

Of course it is important to note that massage is proven to increase your endorphins and serotonin too. This will help boost your mood, reduce your stress and help you relax.

While booking an Indian head massage may seem an extreme treat for some people, enjoying a hairdressers head massage will have similar affects and its all included in your hair appointment with us!