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Mar 1, 2018 / by Donna Young / In Hair Trends / Leave a comment

There’s No Need To Be A Square – Hairstyles for Square Faces

When you have a square shaped face, there is no need to be a square with your hair style. There are lots of celebrities with square shaped faces. They’re still rocking some really nice hairstyles and looks. Our hair stylists have put together some of the top hairstyles for square faces. This will show you what we can help you achieve;

The Graduated Long layers

The first of these layers should start around the chin area as this complements a stronger jaw line (often seen in a square face). If you are keen to make your face look narrower then use a curling iron to turn the layers inwards instead of flipping them out. This style is one of our favourite hairstyles for square faces.

The Head of Curls

Opting for a style with height at the top helps to elongate the shape of your face. Whether you choose to have a spiky pixie look or a literal head of curls, both will work really well to achieve the elongated face.

The Side-Swept Bang

This hairstyle is excellent for complementing broader cheekbones while softening a more angular face. Olivia Wilde is a huge fan of this hairstyle and you can see how it works perfectly for her in most magazines and red carpet events.

The Off-Centre Part

By creating an off-centre parting, somewhere between a side and middle parting you will have a hairstyle that off-sets and helps elongate a squared shaped face. J. Hud is a big fan of this hairstyle and can often be seen showing it off.

The Rounded Fringe

Whether you have a fringe already or want to have a fringe it is important that you make sure the outside corners of the fringe are around an inch or an inch and a half longer than the centre of your fringe. This creates a fantastic framing effect and draws attention inwards.

The Collarbone Cut

Having a cut that is below the collarbone matched with inward turning layers will frame your face perfectly. While the graduated layers will cut the broadness of the jaw line and the wideness of your cheekbones.


If you’re not sure of the right hairstyle for your face shape then why not pop in to our hairdressers in Yaxley. Our team of hairstylists will be only too happy to help you create the perfect style for you. Don’t despair – there are gorgeous hairstyles for square faces.