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Dec 15, 2017 / by Donna Young / In Hair Trends / Leave a comment

Three 2017 Hair Trends That Are Here To Stay

There were a lot of trends, fads and hairstyles around in 2017 and some of them looked a lot better than others; we feel that part of our job is to stay ahead of the trends and methods so we can offer our clients the hairstyles they’ve seen on their favourite celebrities and in the media.

We feel that the three biggest trends of 2017 that are here to stay in 2018 are Bronde, Balayage and Warmer Tones – these are words and hair terms you couldn’t go a day without hearing somewhere around you and we have certainly gained a lot of experience through creating these stunning looks for many of our clients.

  1. Bronde

We felt that bronde was one of the most wearable trends and really suited a wide variety of our clients; it’s not quite brunette but it’s not quite blonde – what it is, is fantastic! The bronde trend allows our clients to achieve a bespoke colour that adjusts and compliments the natural depths and shades of the clients’ hair, whether these are naturally darker or lighter.

The key to getting to bronde look right is to have a lot of the natural base colour showing through and then enhancing the features of our clients with subtle shimmers of a lighter shade.

  1. Balayage

Balayage was certainly a buzz word of the last year and it certainly doesn’t look to be going anywhere soon; it is a French born word and means to sweep or paint. While the technique was first seen in a hair salon in Paris back in the 1970s, it certainly took the world by storm in 2017. It is a freehand colouring technique that gives a natural look to the hair without the re-growth lines which creates a beautiful and blended look for our clients.

Over the last few years, but more so in the last year, it has been the most requested hairstyle by clients for our hair colourists in Peterborough and has numerous celebrity fans such as Olivia Palermo and Jennifer Lopez.

  1. Warmer Tones

Opting for warmer tones is a fabulous colour choice and has been gaining in popularity since being quickly adopted by celebrities such as Emma Roberts and Sienna Miller and there are an endless amount of opportunities for adapting this colour and look.

Warmer tones work well as an all over colour as they are a strong colour palette and they can be added to with various techniques. We can create some beautiful buttery blondes, delicious chocolate browns and gorgeous burnt coppers.


Are you looking for a change in hair style but you’re not sure what to do, or maybe you have seen a hair style you love but you’re not sure it can be achieved? Why not pop in for a hair consultation in our Yaxley salon and see how we can help you create the dream look for you.