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Tips For Growing Out Short Hair

Tips For Growing Out Short Hair

We’ve all been there. You may have seen a gorgeous photo of a celebrity with a fresh new short do and you love it. The decision is made that now is the time for a change. So, you book yourself a hair appointment in Yaxley and take that plunge. You get your locks chopped off and now have a fabulous new haircut.

Weeks later and the novelty has worn off, you miss your long hair and want it back!

However, and believe us we have been there, growing out short hair and a shorter hairstyle can be extremely frustrating. It just takes so long!

The team here at Locks and Shades in Peterborough have put together some top tips for growing out short hair. We hope these tips help you through that awkward growing-out phase. The phase where you are stuck with a slightly too long fringe and layers that won’t budge;

Hair Maintenance

Hair maintenance is essential. While it may seem silly to keep going to the hairdressers to get more hair cut off it is the best thing you can do. Not only will a regular hair appointment keep your ends clean and fresh, you’ll be removing those dry, brittle and damaged ends which slow down your natural hair growth. Our hairdressers are also like hair magicians. They can help your hair look awesome during the awkward stage of growing out short hair.

Less Heat

Shorter hairstyles will often require more heat for styling, but this will just cause more damage. The more you use heat styling tools the more your hair will become damaged. The more damaged your hair is, the less it will grow and the longer you’ll be stuck with growing out short hair. If you have to use heated styling tools, use them at a lower heat and use specialist heat protectant sprays. This means the damage from heat is minimised.

Embrace Your Hair

While you may have dreams of long swishy locks again, you need to remember that hair takes time to grow. Love your hair at every length. Whether your hair is a short crop, a bob or a mid-length wave you need to embrace it. Your hair is an extension of you and your personality. Don’t hate your hair. Love it and embrace it.