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To Bleach Your Hair Or Not To Bleach Your Hair, That Is The Question

To Bleach Your Hair Or Not To Bleach Your Hair, That Is The Question

If you have been wondering if you should bleach your hair or not for some time, then this is the blog post for you. We talk about the pros and cons of bleaching your hair. We also talk about how the process of bleaching your hair works.

However, if you’d like to talk to a professional about whether you should bleach your hair, why not drop in to our hair salon in Yaxley. Alternatively, give us a call?

We find that bleaching a client’s hair is a great way to switch up a look or a hairstyle. Bleaching your hair gives you a chance to experiment with any colour that is lighter than a clients’ natural hair colour. Whether you’re looking to create a cool platinum blonde, striking non-natural colours such as ombre’s or dip dyes then bleaching your hair could be for you.

Bleaching your hair gives you a chance to transform your locks and try out the latest colour trends.

However, bleaching your hair is one of the most damaging hair treatments out there. If you don’t want your newly bleached hair to feel frizzy, uncontrollable or become dry then you need to do some maintenance work. You need to maintain it with the right products. This will help prevent your bleached hair from breaking every time you comb it.

How Does Bleaching Work?

When you bleach your hair the strands of your hair swell. This is what allows the bleach to penetrate the hair shaft. Many clients with fine hair find that their hair appears thicker immediately after bleaching it. That is because of this swelling.

The bleaching will remove the colour from your hair. This process is called oxidation. It is where the bleaching agents dissolve the natural pigments in the hair. The longer length of time that the bleach is left on, the more colourless your hair will look.

Sometimes when hair is bleached it will become a pale yellow shade, or have a yellowish tinge. This is because your hair is made of a protein called keratin and that is yellow in colour. To rid your hair of this yellowish tinge you will need to apply a toner after bleaching your hair.

If you are considering whether you should bleach your hair then contact your hairdresser in Peterborough now. They will help advise you on your hair and make the best recommendations for your hair type and condition.