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Dec 25, 2018 / by Donna Young / In Hair Trends / Leave a comment

Top 5 Hairstyles to Expect In 2019 – 2019 Hair Trend

We’ve been looking all over the internet at the top trends for 2019 and these are the top 5 hairstyles in 2019 we think you’ll be seeing all over the place. These are what we think are the trending hairstyles for the year ahead.

2019 Hair Trend One: Low Maintenance Bangs

We think that bangs are a massive game change. This hairstyle allows you to have a longer hair shape, but still have some shorter lengths to help frame your face. Our clients love longer bangs for two reasons. Firstly, because they look cool and secondly because they are SO easy to style. Push them back, or sweep them forward – you decide.

2019 Hair Trend Two: Choppy Crops

Think Kate Hudson and her gorgeous choppy textured haircut. We see this style so much in our hair salon in Yaxley. It’s a short look, but it oozes so much sex appeal. The great thing about a choppy crop is that you’re getting two hairstyles in one. You can go slick one day, then textured and cute the next. It’s completely your choice, and you can change it up each day.

2019 Hair Trend Three: Textured Bobs

These are what we like to class as the Textured ‘Cool Girl’ Bob. Dua Lipa is the perfect example of this style. You can keep the texture to ‘undone’ rather than restricted and poker straight if you prefer. But however you decide to work this style; if you follow Dua Lipa and her style you’ll look awesome all the time. We know this is going to be a really popular request for our stylists.

2019 Hair Trend Four: The Long Fringe

Think 1960’s and you’ll have the long fringe we are talking about. It’s a great style for changing long hair looks. While it is 1960’s inspired, and is definitely bringing back the Brigitte Bardot’s look, it is a really flattering look and gives you the chance to swipe it to the side quickly too. Gigi Hadid is currently working this style.

2019 Hair Trend Five: High Ponytails

Another look often seen of Gig Hadid is the high ponytail. It may be a retro look but it’s a look we currently love and we know we will see a lot of it in 2019 too. We spoke about the scrunchie making a comeback earlier this year, match it with a high ponytail and you’ve got the ultimate retro look for 2019!


Which is your favourite of these hair trends?