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Sep 30, 2018 / by Donna Young / In Hair Care / Leave a comment

Top Hair Care Tips For Autumn

I’m sure we have all felt the drop in temperature. Perhaps you have noticed the darker nights and the increase in cloudy or rainy days. Summer is leaving us as autumn is entering and while the reds and oranges of the leaves look beautiful. How does your hair look?

We have put together 5 top hair care tips for autumn which will help with keeping your locks soft, strong and gorgeous, now that the temperature is dropping as fast as the leaves are falling from the trees.

The cooler weather of the autumn months brings dry and cold air which can make your hair feel frizzy, brittle and out of control. But if you follow these brilliant hair care tips for autumn you’ll have amazing autumn locks!

Leave It Out

While the pony tail is a quick and easy hairstyle and ideal for summer months. But, it can cause breakage and scalp stress which is even worse as the weather gets cooler because it makes your hair dryer. Try to wear your hair down as much as possible, softly pin it up if needed. If you have to wear a pony tail limit it to a few times a week and never wear a pony tail to bed.

Trim It Off

No matter what you need to have a regular hair cut as this will help to clean your ends. This should ideally be every 8 weeks. Your hair will have been exposed to a lot of sun during the summer and this can leave your hair damaged and fried. The longer your hair, the more likely your hair will be damaged. Speak to your hairstylist about cutting away split ends or even a fresh new style?

Moisturise It

Your hair will be dry in the autumn months so add a mask or gloss treatment to your hair care. Use something that will condition the ends and give your hair lots of gorgeous healthy shine.  Ideally you want to use a deep conditioning treatment for 10 minutes around twice a week. This will help combat static and tangles that are more common during the colder months.

Invest In It

When you use heat-activated tools they will be causing damage to your hair. This is even more so in the colder months. Add a few heat protection products such as spray, serum, mousse or cream to really protect your hair. Don’t forget to spritz on some heat protecting before you use your blow dryer or curling iron to help prevent breakage on wet strands of hair.

Treat It

Treat you hair to some new shampoo and conditioner. For example a quality cleanser will wash away the normal wear and tear of the environment, while making sure no natural oils of lipids are stripped away.


If these hair care tips for autumn are not enough then why not ask your hairdresser for her tips when you come in and see us?