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Feb 7, 2019 / by Donna Young / In Hairdressers In Peterborough / Leave a comment

Valentine’s Day For Our Talented Peterborough Hairdressers

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and while love may be in the air all around Peterborough. This isn’t quite the case at our hair salon. We had a sit down with our talented hairdressers to see what they were up to on Valentine’s Day. Their responses weren’t quite what we had hoped!

Dani W isn’t doing anything because she is single. Donna and her hubby Aaron don’t do anything because they appreciate each other every day. Although she does add that if he hubby is reading this, a bunch of flowers wouldn’t go a miss this Valentine’s Day.

Tia is planning a night in with a takeaway and her loved one, and is crossing her fingers for a bunch of flowers too. Meanwhile Jade is expecting a cosy night in with a takeaway, and most likely a mildly offensive comical card.

Danni D has a meal out and a bunch of flowers on her wish list. While Lauren has plans of a takeaway and a movie, while reminding her children of why they both love them too.

Charlie is getting married in March so this will be her last Valentine’s Day as a fiancé. However, her partner works in the forces so he isn’t back until just before their wedding.

So now we need your help to put the love and romance back into Peterborough this Valentine’s Day.

While flowers, take away and maybe a box of chocolates are a lovely treat on this romantic date – why not treat your partner (ladies pass this post onto your partners) to some gorgeous hair treatments? Alternatively a month of sun bed tanning sessions? Maybe you could pay for their next hair appointment in advance or our ask talented hairdressers for advice.

Take that extra step to show your partner how much they really mean to you this Valentine’s Day. We can’t wait to hear what you have been getting up to. Please send us your photos or tell us at your next hair appointment in Yaxley.