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Oct 10, 2018 / by Donna Young / In Charity / Leave a comment

We Are Supporting Little Princesses Trust in Peterborough

As you will have seen on our Facebook page, we have had had lots of wonderful clients donating their hair to charity. The charity they often choose is Little Princess Trust. This is a charity that provides real hair wigs to children across the UK and Ireland. These wigs are donated to the children that have lost their hair through cancer treatments. The wigs are given to these children free of charge.

We are giving the cost of the haircut of all clients that have their haircut in Peterborough to make wigs for Little Princesses Trust to the charity. That’s right, for every client that has their hair cut with us and sent to Little Princesses Trust, we will donate the cost of the haircut to the charity too. This is our way of supporting Little Princesses Trust in Peterborough.

Most children suffer hair loss as a side effect of treatment for cancer. Little Princesses Trust report that some children cope remarkably will, for other children it can be really upsetting. These wigs made from real peoples, real hair gives them hair that they can be proud of. We are pleased that we can help play a part in this, through our client’s hair donations, as well as our monetary donations.

The Little Princesses Trust charity works with specialist suppliers to create wigs for children. These wigs are then tailor made to suit the child. This means the wigs made give the most realistic look and feel. While being as close to the child’s colouring as possible. The charity works hard to put parents and carers in contact with suppliers of these wigs as quickly as possible, for the child’s sake.

The mission of Little Princesses Trust is to supply real hair wigs to children suffering with cancer, for the duration of their treatment. However, this charity could not fulfil their mission without hair and money donations. This is why the team here at Locks and Shades have chosen to support Little Princesses Trust in Peterborough as one of our two charities.

If you have long hair and are considering ‘the chop’ then why not donate your hair to Little Princesses Trust? We will then put the cost of your haircut at Locks and Shades as a donation to the charity.

We Are Supporting Little Princesses Trust in Peterborough