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Dec 5, 2018 / by Donna Young / In Hairdressers In Peterborough / Leave a comment

We Have Extended – Hair Salon in Yaxley

If you’ve been in to our hair salon in Yaxley over the last few weeks you will see that we are bigger than we used to be. In fact we have more than doubled the size of the space. The space we can use for appointments, hair colouring, hair extensions, hairstyles and haircuts.

But why?

In short, because we had to!

We were quickly running out of space in the salon. Dani and Tia are both now qualified hairdressers and no longer apprentices. Meanwhile Donna and Jade have had their babies and ended maternity leave. They were desperate to get back in the salon again to create some hair miracles for our clients.

We really had no choice but to expand as it was like gaining 4 new hairdressers. Four amazing hairdressers who all had lots of clients desperate to book hair appointments with them.

You may have noticed we had a white sheet up for a while and there was slightly more noise than usual at our hair salon in Yaxley. However, you may not have noticed anything at all. The extension took less than 3 weeks to complete. It literally felt like it went up overnight.

The extension was completed behind the wall and there was a big hole in the salon wall. This was masked over with a very large sheet. Then all of a sudden it was done. We then got it painted and accessorised to match the rest of the salon.

We used to have 4 chairs in the hair salon in Yaxley. Wee have now added an extra 6 chairs. This has given is loads more room in the salon. It also means we can work with lots of clients at the same time.

On Saturday 5th January we are having an official opening ceremony for the extension. The event will be on “New Year, New You Day”. We will have lots of giveaways and competitions in the run up to the grand opening and on the day too.

Want to book your next hair appointment now so you can check out our new extension before the grand opening?