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Dec 30, 2018 / by Donna Young / In Vegan Hair Care / Leave a comment

We Offer Vegan Friendly Hair Treatments – Insight Hair Care Products

We are proud to introduce our brand new product range called Insight. These hair care products are vegan friendly and supplied in 100% recyclable packaging. They are also silicone free and paraben free. Not only are these vegan friendly hair treatments affordable, they still deliver some amazing results.

Here at Locks and Shades, we are selling the vegan friendly hair products from £9.99. These are ideal gifts for someone that is a vegan and is struggling to find good quality, vegan friendly treatments.

Our team of amazing hairdressers are also able to use our vegan friendly hair treatments during appointments. If you have a hair cut or hair colour appointment with us and would like us to use the vegan friendly hair care products just let us know.

Insight is a hair care product line that has been formulated in a laboratory. It creates a synergic action between the ancient wisdom of phyto-extracts and phyto-oils, and the ethical choice to work with organic ingredients. Insight sees nature as their source of inspiration.

The entire hair care product line by Insight is VEGAN OK certified. The VEGAN OK standard was established to foster the dissemination of a culture of respect for life and the environment.

When purchasing a product that states VEGAN OK the consumer knows that they are receiving a guarantee. This guarantee is from the manufacturer that the product does not contain any animal components. This means it was created without the exploitation of animals.

We have introduced this range into our hair care products because it is something our clients often ask about. We are pleased to be able to support our clients in their beliefs by offering our vegan friendly hair treatments. This is available both during appointments in the salon or for them to take home with them.