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What Blonde Is Right For Your Skin Tone?

What Blonde Is Right For Your Skin Tone?

Choosing to go blonde is a big decision. However, the popular saying claims that blondes have more fun. Maybe it would be a good idea to see if that’s true? Lots of people hesitate when thinking about going blonde, and that’s understandable. When it comes to hair colour, blonde is a very popular colour. However, it needs to be considered carefully so you achieve a blonde that flatters you.

When deciding to colour your hair  you need to think about your skin tone and how the colour works with your skin tone. As professional hair colour stylists, we know what blonde shades go with skin tones. You can either pop in for a hair consultation to chat about the best blonde for your skin tone, or check out the tips and advice in this blog post;

Pale Skin

If you have a pale skin tone then platinum blonde is a great blonde colour for you. Whether you opt for a cool, ashy, creamy or pearly platinum, it will look fabulous. It is important to note that platinum blonde is a demanding hair colour in regards to hair and colour maintenance and plenty of moisture and conditioning treatments.

You could however opt for multidimensional highlights through your hair; including shades of platinum, honey and gold. Alternatively if you would prefer to go dark blonde then go for sandy and beige colour highlights.

Medium Skin Tone, Olive or Golden Skin

When you have a medium skin tone you will find you’re lucky enough to pull off almost any blonde shade. From platinum and honey, through to ash and strobe-light blonde. Whether you’re looking for a buttery blonde all over or prefer the bone white shade of blonde, you’ll be able to play it off with ease.

A really nice blonde look we like on our clients with a medium skin tone is strobe highlights of cream around the face, matched beautifully with honey highlights throughout. This creates a really beautiful colour and look.

Dark Skin Tone

You don’t need to avoid blonde hair if you have a darker skin tone. It is just about choosing the right blonde colour for your skin. For example, too much ash blonde can really drag down your skin complexion. However, a beige tone highlight will look fabulous.

If you’re looking to create that bleach blonde look that can be done too. You just need to use a honey or caramel tone for your base, and then creamy strobe highlights can be added to give you hair dimension.


So, are you ready to go blonde? Summer could be the right time for it!