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Jul 12, 2019 / by Donna Young / In Hair Colour in Peterborough / Leave a comment

What Is Balayage In Peterborough?

You know when you see that lady walking down the street, her hair has loads of depth and dimension and it looks like she has just got back from a gorgeous sunny holiday in California? That’s balayage!

Balayage in Peterborough is a hair colouring technique. It is where the hair colour is painted onto the hair to give a natural and gradual transition, with no hard lines. Various tones and colours can be used in balayage. This will create a final look of blended, natural and sunkissed glowing hair.

For our clients, the most appealing thing about balayage is that the colour can be customised. It can be tailor made and created unique to your hair colour and hair type. Your colour stylist will paint your hair free-hand. It will highlight the certain features of your face that you love.

With balayage you know that nobody else will have the exact same hair colour as you. No matter how hard they try!

The Difference between Balyage and Highlights

In this modern day life is all about having hair that looks sleek and modern, but is effortless. Unlike traditional foil highlights, your balayage colours are painted straight onto your hair. While highlights give you strips and stripes of colour, balayage results in a softer progression of hair colour.

The Difference between Balayage and Ombre

Some people think that balayage is just the same as ombre. That’s not the case. Ombre is a French word that means ‘shadow’, meanwhile Balayage is a French word that means paint or sweep. When you have ombre hair it is a process that colours the hair from dark to light. The final result of ombre hairstyles is dark hair at the top and lighter hair at the bottom, with the transition through the middle gently blending the colour from dark to light.

Ombre creates a dip-dye type look to coloured hair. While balayage results in a fully mixed hair colour, from top to bottom.

Why not book your hair colour consultation in Peterborough now so we can create the right hair style and colour for you?