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Jan 15, 2019 / by Donna Young / In Hairdressers In Peterborough / Leave a comment

What Would Locks and Shades Do If They Were Queen?

If you could be Queen for the day, what would be the first thing you’d do? We asked the team at Locks and Shades what they would do. This is what they had to say;

Jemma would change as many rules as she could to make sure that the world was a happier place. Meanwhile Keeley felt she would have a day of pampering and being waited on. She then added that she would also try and make the world a better place and help everyone in need to make their lives better.

Charlie said that if she was queen for the day she would sit back and enjoy having a personal chef and stylist. Charlie said she’d probably hire a trainer too. She then added that she would probably try and do some good after that too.

Danni D felt that if she was queen for the day the first thing she would do is take her and her family to the Maldives, which sounds really nice a relaxing. Not at all like Jade, who would spend her day as queen by changing so many things. She would definitely stay in her dressing gown all day and have a party in Buckingham Palace. She would invite everyone she knows and make the money never-ending forever.

Meanwhile, when we asked Dani W what she would do if she was queen for the day she said that she would make everything we have to pay for, free of charge. She would get everyone to do what she says and get the homeless people shelter over the winter.

Tia had a similar idea and feels that is she was queen for the day she would make sure that all the genuine homeless and less fortunate people had enough food to eat. She would make it law that places like McDonalds and similar food companies, instead of throwing away the food they don’t sell, would give the good to someone who is hungry. And finally, Tia would throw a huge party in Buckingham Palace and invite everyone she knows.

If Molly was queen for the day she would spend the whole day searching the palace and eating all the fancy food that she could find. Abby things she would love to see what it is like in the palace so she would do lots of exploring. She would also definitely visit the royal stables.

Lauren would play a massive game of hide and seek in Buckingham Palace if she was queen for the day. She would force the guards to play too and tell them to stop being so serious.

Finally, our salon owner Donna. If Donna was queen for day she would make a ‘Positivity Day’ where anyone who is nasty or negative has to take a vow of silence for the rest of the day. Everyone has to say or do something nice to one another every hour. This would result in no more wars and a happier world for everyone.

So – who gets your vote? Which of our hairdressers do you think should be queen for the day?