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Where Do Hairdressers Rank In Salon Treatments? – Hair Salon Peterborough

Research was recently completed to look at the salon habit of people in Britain, to give a snapshot of what the hair and beauty industry looks like. It was interesting to see where our hair salon might feature. We found the research really interesting and thought that you might too, so we have shared the highlights of the research below

Which Salon Treatments Rank Highest For Females?

  1. Haircut
  2. Hair Colour
  3. Manicure
  4. Hair Removal
  5. Hair Styling
  6. Eyebrow Treatment
  7. Pedicure
  8. Tanning
  9. Facial
  10. Make-Up

As a side note, 39% of female salon treatments are for hair colour, making hair colouring nearly as popular as haircuts. This was certainly a point of interest for us.

Which Salon Treatments Rank Highest For Males?

  1. Haircut
  2. Hair Colour
  3. Massage
  4. Hair Removal
  5. Nail Treatments
  6. Skin Treatments
  7. Tanning
  8. Shave Treatments

Interestingly 52% of men will have a haircut, over any other type of treatment. We do see a lot of men through the doors of our hair salon.

How Long Do Females Wait In-between Salon Treatments?

  • 3 weeks between hair colour
  • 8 weeks between haircuts
  • 3 weeks between pedicures
  • 1 weeks between tanning
  • 4 weeks between manicures
  • 8 weeks between hair removals
  • 8 weeks between facials

How Long Do Males Wait In-between Salon Treatments?

  • 6 weeks between hair colouring
  • 4 weeks between nail treatments
  • 4 weeks between skin treatments
  • 1 weeks between massages
  • 5 weeks between hair removals
  • 6 weeks between tanning
  • 1 weeks between haircuts
  • 9 weeks between shave treatments


Extra Research

The research also showed that 84% of women will invest in hair and beauty treatments for themselves, whereas 65% of men who have treatments do it for themselves.


How do you think you fit in with these treatments? Is a hair colouring appointment or a haircut the most common reason that you would visit a salon in Peterborough?