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Jan 1, 2018 / by Donna Young / In Hair Care / Leave a comment

Which Bristle For Your Brush?

Here at Locks and Shades we have a team of hairdressers that not only care about you and your hair while you are in our hair salon in Yaxley, but they also care about you and your hair long after you leave. This is why they are always on hand to offer advice, tips or techniques to keep your hair looking its best.

In this blog post we thought we would talk about the right bristle for your brush – different bristles work for different hair types. There are three mean types of bristle brushes; synthetic bristles, natural bristles and mixed bristles – but do you know which bristle works better for your hair?

Synthetic Bristle Brush

The bristles in a synthetic bristle brush will often be made from nylon and are best for super thick hair. The main reason for this is that synthetic bristles don’t create as much static as a natural bristle brush might. Traditionally synthetic bristles will be thicker too and this makes them much better for detangling thicker hair.

Natural Bristle Brush

A natural bristle brush will usually be made of boar bristles to create a really soft brush that will help distribute your hairs natural oils all the way to the ends creating super shiny and smooth hair. If you opt for a 100% boar bristle brush it will be a little pricey, but it will last the test of time. Natural bristle brushes are great for all hair types including fine hair, straight hair and relaxed locks because the bristles are so gentle on delicate strands.

Mixed Bristle Brush

Mixed bristle brushes are extremely common among our hair stylists in Peterborough because they’re great at doing everything and work well on every client’s hair type. The mixed bristle brush is the perfect mix of boar bristles and all the shiny hair benefits they have to offer, along with the super detangling powers of the synthetic bristles.


If you’re not sure of the best type of hair brush for your hair then feel free to pop in and chat to us and we would be happy to help you choose the right hair brush to suit your hair.