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Jan 14, 2018 / by Donna Young / In Hair Care / Leave a comment

Which Brush For Your Hair?

We recently shared a blog post of the right bristle for your brush, but in this blog post we would like to talk about all the different brushes and which type of brush is best for your hair – most have the three types of bristle so don’t forget to flip back to the last blog if you’re not sure which bristle you should get in your brush.

Like we’ve said before; our hairstylists are a kind and caring bunch. We want to help you look after your hair so your hair looks fabulous long after you’ve left our hair dressing salon in Yaxley.

The Paddle Brush

The paddle brush should be your basic go-to hairbrush for everyday; it doesn’t create tons of volume but it does help flatten frizzy hair to let the shine through. A paddle brush is great for an awesome blow out too.

The Vented Brush

The heat from your blow dryer can’t reach all your strands of hair from all angles so a vented brush is an ideal tool to help; plus it will speed up drying time, therefore reducing the time you spend blasting your hair with hot air which helps prevent heat damage to your hair. Top Tip: Make sure your hair is 80% dry before you pick up your brush as wet hair is more prone to damage. Your hair needs to look dry but feel wet before you use your hairbrush. This is a great brush for shorter hair.

The Round Brush

If you want to create a blow out with masses of volume and a touch of curl then the round brush will be your best friend; the smaller the brush the tighter the curl. Top Tip: If you want to set the style to perfection then blast the section of hair with cold air before you take the brush out your hair.

The Back Combing Brush

The clue is in the name; the back combing brush is for back combing. It has been designed to create little knots of your hair for extra volume when you have your hair styled up. A proper back combing brush will be made of natural boar bristles and will be less harsh on your hair than a comb which is likely to break fragile hair.

The Rattail Comb

A rattail comb will have a long handle which makes it perfect for sectioning hair when you are trying to create a flawless curl set or a cool braid. The fine teeth of the rattail comb are perfect for smoothing out cowlicks and bumps in your hairstyle too.

The Wet Brush

As you jump out the shower with soaking wet hair the last thing you want to grab to tame your hair is a normal hairbrush. Instead grab a wet brush, it’s like a wide toothed comb and will detangle those knots without tearing at your hair. If you opt for your normal hairbrush you’ll find that the bristles will pull and stretch out your strands, which makes them weak and easily breakable.