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Who Are The Locks and Shades Team? – Professional Hairdressers in Yaxley

Each month we have been taking the time to have a really good chat with some of the professional hairdressers in Yaxley at Locks and Shades. However, in this blog post we would like to tell you a little about all our professional hairdressers in Yaxley, everyone in the team!

Who they are and what they do – in the words of Donna!

Who Are Locks and Shades?

There’s me, Donna – the owner, but I couldn’t do it without my awesome team of talented hairdressers;

Lauren is our fantastic Manager and a non hairdresser. She is a jack of all trades, general go to magician who seems to be able to solve any problem I have!

Keeley is our Creative Director. She is very particular in what she does and seems to be able to solve any hair predicament. Keeley is always ready to help anyone and really is a kind soul.

Jade is a Senior Stylist and self made balayage queen, a client and team favourite. She’s all about being honest with your locks and has built a great loyal following this year

Charlie is a Senior Stylist and newest to the team. She is such a great listener and really makes our clients feel amazing by finding what works for their hair.

Danni D is a Stylist and all about the multi-tone and the gloss, I tell you, her waves are to die for!!

Tia is a Graduate Stylist and wow this girl is one to watch. She has grown so much in skill set and personally this year. Tia has just qualified and is ready to take on the world, watch this space she is going to be amazing!

Dani W is an apprentice and she’s a natural hairdresser. She has created some amazing styles in training and has the most beautiful warm natural she is a favourable face in the salon

Molly is our part time receptionist, also known as the ‘sun bed queen’. What she doesn’t know about tanning isn’t worth knowing, with the sweetest voice, butter wouldn’t melt!!


All the ladies in our team are brilliant. They’re always happy to help clients get the hair of their dreams and we work hard to have a friendly atmosphere for all clients. If you’ve not been in to see us, we look forward to meeting you soon!