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Jul 30, 2019 / by Donna Young / In Frequently Asked Hair Questions, Hair Care / Leave a comment

Why Do I Have Dry Hair?

Here at Locks and Shades hair salon in Yaxley we are often asked by our clients why they have dry hair. Some people wish for smooth, silky hair, but seem to have to make do with dry hair that feels straw-like. If this is you, then have a read of this blog post.

There are lots of different reasons you may have dry hair. We have put some of these reasons below for you;

You Were Born This Way

To quote Lady Gage, “Baby, you were born this way!”. Just the same as if you have curly hair, you are born with it and that’s what you have to work with. Oddly enough if you have naturally curly hair, you could also have dry hair. This is because the curl in the hair is a bent layer of cuticles and this means moisture is lost more rapidly.

The Wrong Shampoo

You could be using a shampoo that is stripping your strands of their moisture. For example, this is often the case with conventional hair products as they contain harsh chemicals and toxins. We would recommend you try a shampoo that doesn’t have these chemicals in it. Pop into our salon and ask about our Insights range. This could be the exact product your hair is looking for.

Damaged From Heat

While the hot tools technology is improving over the years, your hair still struggles with the heat. The more frequently you use hot tools like straighteners , curlers and blow driers on your hair, the more likely you are to dry your hair out. Your hair is also susceptible to UV ray damage, just as your skin is. Direct heat from the rays of the sun can cause moisture loss in your hair. This is the same way that heat tools can damage your hair.

Too Much Cold

Just as the hot weather can damage your hair, the cold weather can too. Heavy winds can cause the moisture in your hair to evaporate faster than usual. The outcome of this is dry hair. We would recommend that you thing about how to protect or cover your hair in the colder, windier weather.

If you struggle with dry hair and want to resolve it then give our hair experts in Yaxley a call. They can offer you a hair consultation and recommend the best tips for you and your hair type.