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Mar 25, 2019 / by Donna Young / In Hair Care / Leave a comment

Why Do I Have Greasy Hair? – Hair Care Tips

Why Do I Have Greasy Hair?

We all have different hair types. Some of us have greasy hair, others have dry hair. Some have an itchy scalp and others have a flaky scalp. Just as we are all unique and individual, our hair is unique and individual too.

However if you have greasy hair, have suddenly found your hair is more greasy than it used to be, or you want to stop your hair being greasy then we have put together some top tips to un-grease your hair. In this blog post we will help you get to the ‘root’ of the problem (pun intended). Meaning greasy hair is less of a daytime battle.

  • Your hair could be greasy because you touch it too much. This could be from stress, boredom or even flirting. No matter the reason you are touching your hair too often, it could result in greasy hair. This is because you are transferring oils from your fingertips to your hair strands.
  • Washing your hair everyday may make it feel better to the touch. However this will not help reduce the greasy feeling in your hair. Daily shampooing your hair will reduce the natural oils in your hair. Then more oils are produced to replace them, making your hair look and feel greasy.
  • Check out the conditioner you are using on your hair. If the conditioner is too heavy for your hair then it will weigh it down or not allow you to wash it out easily. Speak to your hairdresser about the best hair conditioner for you.
  • We all dream of becoming the ‘little mermaid’ and spending hours on end brushing our hair until it shines. But, over brushing your hair will result in hair that shines with grease. While it may look glossy at first, it will soon look greasy.
  • Your hairbrush is full of stale styling products all built up. By brushing your hair with a clogged and dirty hairbrush you will transfer these oils onto your hair, creating greasy hair, even though it’s only just been washed.
  • It’s essential you also get the hair out of your hairbrush regularly. If your brush your hair with hairbrush full of greasy hair, the grease will just transfer to your freshly washed hair. Thus, making it greasy.
  • Using the wrong products can also result in greasy looking hair. Again, speak your hairdresser and ask them which hair products they would recommend for your hair type and you will quickly notice good results.

Greasy hair doesn’t need to mean a life with scraped back hair. By following these top hair care tips you can make your hair glossy and shiny just the way you dream.