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Nov 21, 2019 / by Donna Young / In Hair Colour in Peterborough / Leave a comment

Why Do We Get Grey Hair?

Just like wrinkles, grey hairs are a sign of aging for many people. However there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Aging is a part of life, and better than the alternative! Going grey and aging is a part of life. However some people are left wondering why do we get grey hair? And this is exactly what we are going to talk about in this blog post.

When Do Women Get Grey Hair?

Most women will start to notice the odd grey hair in their 30’s. However as women approach their 50’s it is expected that you will have more than 50% of your hair that is grey. And once again, there is nothing wrong with that.

Why Do Women Go Grey?

Grey hair is a combination of pigmented hairs interspersed with white ones. The hair turns white when the pigmentation cells responsible for colour stop being produced. These pigmentation cells responsible for colour are known as melanin.

Can The Rate Women Get Grey Hair Be Slowed?

The short answer is no. Going grey earlier or later in life is genetic. However, nutritional and hormonal factors can affect hair colour as well. Stress can also result in grey hairs either in a patch, or throughout your hair.

Is Grey Hair More Common For Some Women?

Like we said, grey hair is an inherited trait. If your parents went grey early then it is likely that you will too. Some health conditions such as diabetes, pernicious anaemia and thyroid problems can result in premature grey hair.

Do Scalp Massages Help?

Just like our bodies improve from regular exercise, our scalps do too. Massaging your scalp while you are shampooing your hair is a great idea. This will result in a clean, fresh and healthy scalp. The massaging will take vital nutrients to the scalp via the blood supply, which will help feed the hair follicles and can reduce the onset of grey hairs. When you book in for a hair appointment with us you will be treated to the most amazing head massage during your wash.

If you are not ready to embrace your greys then contact our hair colourists in Peterborough. We can discuss options with you for embracing your grey hair with a new style, or trying out a new colour to remove the sight of grey hairs altogether.