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Why Use A Sun Bed in Peterborough?

Why Use A Sun Bed in Peterborough?

Here at Locks and Shades we know and fully understand that each and every one of our clients is different. They have different needs for their hair and they have different needs for their tan.

There are loads of reasons that people use a sun beds. In this blog post we have broken down just some of the reasons that people use sun beds in Peterborough into 3 categories. These categories are the emotional reasons, functional reasons and health reasons.

Emotional Reasons People Use a Sun Bed in Peterborough

  • People use a sun bed because they can feel the sun on their face. This can really help boost a person’s mood. Especially in the colder and darker winter months.
  • Some people use a sun bed because it makes them feel good. This could be the 9 minutes they get to themselves with nothing to think about.
  • Other people enjoy tanning sessions  because it makes them look good. This in turn makes them feel good and boosts their confidence.

Functional Reasons People Use a Sun Bed in Peterborough

  • Some people book tanning sessions when they are preparing for a holiday in the sun. The sun bed sessions help them prepare a base tan for their time away.
  • Sometimes our tanning clients have a special occasion such as a wedding, work party or awards ceremony coming up. So they buy a tanning package to look good for that special occasion.
  • If our clients have a presentation or performance coming up that they want to look their best for, they may pop in for a tanning session with us.

Health Reasons People Use a Sun Bed in Peterborough

  • Vitamin D is essential to a healthy body. While you can take Vitamin D tablets, a sun bed session can also help boost your Vitamin D.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects lots of people in Peterborough. We have been pleased to see research that shows sun bed sessions in those darker, winter months can actually help people with SAD.
  • Regular sun bed sessions can actually help boost a person’s immune system. It can also help them fight off smaller bugs, colds and coughs going around.


Why do you use a sun bed in Peterborough?