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Why Use Professional Salon Hair Products

Why Use Professional Salon Hair Products

Here at Locks and Shades we can create awesome hairstyles and amazing haircuts that look fabulous. However it is down to you how long your hair looks fabulous for. It is essential that you use professional salon hair care products to care for your hair. This way your hair will look and feel fabulous for months to come.

Supermarket Hair Care Products vs Professional Salon Hair Care Products

While the shampoos from the supermarket may look cheaper and have fruitier smells, they may not be very good for your hair. Sure they are affordable, but in the long run could they cost more due to the damage to your hair?

The issue with supermarket hair care products are that the fillers make your hair feel soft, but they leave a waxy substance behind. These artificial substances make your hair look healthy on the top, but really they are damaging your hair.

Meanwhile, professional salon hair care products may not have gorgeous fruity and sweet smells. However, they are caring for your hair and protecting your hair. Professional products contain high grade ingredients and have higher quantities of the essential ingredients your hair needs.

You will also fin d that while the supermarket products are cheaper now, less of the professional products will be required. This means the more expensive bottle will last longer. Quickly you will see you are replacing the higher quality hair care product less and saving money. Your hair will also be in better condition, while feeling and looking better too. Professional products will be kinder on your hair and better suited to your hair type.

The Effect on the Environment

We have already mentioned how salon products will last longer than supermarket versions. This means less plastic being wasted each time you buy a new bottle. The chemicals in the supermarket products will also include chemicals that can damage the environment. When purchasing hair care products from a salon, like ours, you will be helping the environment. We also collect your old bottles and will recycle them in an environmentally friendly way too.


Conditioning your hair often, with the right hair care products will protect and care for your hair. You also need to make sure that you comb and brush your hair correctly for maximum care. This will help keep your hair looking and feeling fabulous in-between visits.