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Why Use Tanning Lotion On Sun Beds in Peterborough

Why Use Tanning Lotion On Sun Beds in Peterborough


Here at Locks and Shades we offer our clients stand up and lay down sun beds, so you can relax while topping up their tan. We also have a gorgeous selection of delicious smelling tanning lotions that our clients can use while tanning. In this blog post we thought we would like at why people use tanning lotion on sun beds. We also look at the benefits of tanning lotions.

However, first we wanted to look at the most popular reasons that people use sun beds and here is what we found;

  • 42% of people use sun beds to look better
  • 32% of sun bed users will have sun bed session to create a base tan before they go on holiday
  • 25% of people that use sun beds do it so they can feel healthier
  • 10% of sun bed users enjoy tanning sessions to keep tanned over the winter
  • 9% of people use sun beds because their family and / or friends do

There are lots of benefits to tanning lotions for your sun bed sessions. For example, lotions help skin absorb UV rays, which helps to get a better tan. Some people love the after-tan smell, while others hate it, and a tanning lotion will help to reduce that after-tan smell.

Some lotions are designed to help speed up the tanning process. They do this by increasing the melanin production in your skin. Some lotions are really good moisturisers which will help your skin achieve maximum tanning results. We also have bronzer tanning lotions and tingling tanning lotions which will give your skin immediate tanning results.

If you would like to find the right tanning lotion for your skin and your tanning dreams then why not ask us. We would be happy to show you our different tanning lotions and help you find the best one for you.

Why do you use tanning lotion on sun beds in Peterborough?