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Aug 30, 2018 / by Donna Young / In Hair Care / Leave a comment

Why You Need A Haircut Every 8 Weeks – Professional Hairdressers in Peterborough

Everyone has different hair types, some peoples hair grows really fast, while others find that their takes ages to grow even a centimetre. Here at Locks and Shades we would recommend that you get your hair cut every 4-10 weeks. Ideally once every 8 weeks.

By visiting every 8 weeks for a trim or hair cut you can make sure split ends are removed so your hair can grow stronger and faster. A regular 8 week trim also means that you are stopping split ends from travelling up your hair. This will prevent having to have more hair cut off eventually.

You’ll also find that you hair looks and feels healthier and shinier too because a regular trim will get rid of those split ends. These split ends can make you hair look duller and unhealthier.

Long Hair

If your hair is long and you want to keep it long then 8 weekly haircuts are a must because the longer is gets the more fragile it is. Longer hair will be susceptible to breakage, split ends and the look of thinner hair. These are all things that a regular hair cut  can help with.

Medium Length Hair

If you like the length of your hair and want to keep it that length that’s fine. Dependant on the speed in which your hair grows, you should get a trim every 6-8 weeks to keep your hair at the length you prefer.

Short Hair

If you want to keep the shape of your short hair cut style looking fresh then you will want to book in for a haircut every 4-8 weeks. This will keep it looking its best. However, if you are trying to grow out a short style then an appointment every 6-10 weeks may work better for you.


Many people think that when growing their hair out that they don’t need a regular hair cut. This is a common mistake. While regular haircuts will not make your hair grow any faster, the regular trims will prevent your hair from damage and split ends.

When you book in for your regular trims with any of our team, just tell them. If you are keeping the length, growing it out or trying to have longer hair then they know how to manage your hair and trim accordingly.