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Why You Should Consider Wedding Hair Extensions

Why You Should Consider Wedding Hair Extensions

When your big day is fast approaching and your hair, that you are so desperately trying to grow, is still no longer and no thicker, it can be annoying. You have been dreaming of your wedding day for weeks, months and years and always imagined your hair looking long, thick and healthy. Yet, no matter how hard you have been trying and all the products and wives tales you’ve tried, your hair is still the same length and thickness.

So why not try wedding hair extensions?

Whether you are thinking of long loose waves, an elegant updo or classic curls rolling over your shoulders – wedding hair extensions can help you achieve your wedding hair dream.

You may already have long hair, but it’s just not as thick as you would like it? That’s fine. Our wedding hair extensions can give you the volume you dream of. Our extensions will infuse life into your hair and give you fuller, thicker locks that cascade beautifully in the wedding hair style of your choice.

Thicker hair, through the help of extensions, can also make a braided or bun wedding hairstyle look beautiful and fairytale wedding worthy. As well as looking fabulous, hair extensions to add thickness to your hair have another purpose. Your wedding hair extensions can give your veil or tiara a secure base to rest on during your special day.

There is nothing quite like long hair to make you feel more feminine and more princess-like. This is a feeling many brides hope for on their big day. Instant long hair does exactly that. It instantly gives you the long hair you dream of, giving you the length for any wedding hairstyle you may have been considering, but were afraid your hair was too short.

Whether the wedding hairstyle you have in mind is a full thick bun, long in length down your back or gorgeous lose curls over your shoulders – wedding hair extensions will give you the wedding hair you want. Here at Locks and Shades we believe that every bride should have the wedding hair of their dreams and with extensions, this is possible.

If you are considering temporary or permanent hair extensions for your special day, give us a call. Don’t forget us when choosing your wedding hairdressers, we can book you in for a wedding hair trial at a time that suits you, then travel to you on your big day, wherever you are, to create the wedding hairstyle of your dreams.

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