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Winter Hair Care – Top 10 Tips For Winter Hair Care – Hairdressers Yaxley

The cold outdoors and dry indoor heat can cause havoc for your hair during the winter months. We have put some top winter hair care tips together. These will help you avoid split ends and breakage to your hair during these colder months.

  1. Shampoo less often if you have an itchy or flaky scalp. If you do have flakes or more severe scalp issues then treat yourself to a high quality hair care product. Your hairdresser will be able to recommend the best one for your hair type. Stress can result in an itchy and flaky scalp too, so watch how much you take on!


  1. For the winter months change to an oil-based moisturiser to help lock extra moisture into your hair. An oil-based moisturiser on your hair will be heavier than usual. This means it will evaporate more slowly into your hair strands, leaving them protected for longer.


  1. Treat yourself to a weekly treatment as this will help keep your hair hydrated. Hair dries out when it doesn’t have enough moisture in the air. A good conditioner can really help with this.


  1. Floating fine strands of hair are common in the winter months. To combat these use a leave-in conditioner as this will help rid that static hair. Regularly conditioner your hair, then use a leave-in conditioner to lock it in.


  1. Go for a darker colour or shade in the winter months. Hold back on the platinum hair colour and dial down on the blonde ambitions. While platinum looks awesome, it can be damaging on the hair, especially in the colder months. So go darker in the winter, and blonde it up during the warmer months.


  1. Heat heavy styling routines will add to the lack of moisture in the hair. All this heat and dryness will result in breakage and split ends. Try to use less heat and if you do have to use heated tools make sure you use heat protection products. This includes things like leave-in conditioners which will help to prevent breakage.


  1. While we said use less heat, we do not mean go out with wet hair. Cold things expand and this means that your wet hair in the cold outdoors can put you more at risk of damage or mean your colour fades faster.


  1. If you are looking at purchasing a winter hat, try and get one that is lined with silk or satin. These smooth materials will stop split ends. Materials like wool or cotton can actually cause spilt ends and damage.


  1. If your hair has gone limp in the colder weather, which is common, then use a dry shampoo for added volume. If you have oily hair you may find your hair is extremely limp in the colder weather, or you may get hat hair. Keep a can of dry shampoo on your bag and you’ll be fine.


  1. Treat your hair overnight with an oil or serum to hydrate hair. Using a light oil product that is high in omega fatty acids may make a mess of your pillow but your hair will thank you for it. You’ll get an extra measure of protection that will help your hair shine.


If you’re not sure about the best way to care for your hair in the winter months, why not pop in and see one of our hairdressers who will be happy to offer advice.