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Winter Tanning In Peterborough Reduces SAD

Winter Tanning In Peterborough Reduces SAD

We all know that excessive exposure to UV rays is bad for the skin. However as with everything, when used in moderation, sun beds in Peterborough can actually have some benefits. We recently shared a blog post that talks about the health benefits of tanning beds found in a new study.

However, did you also know that winter tanning in Peterborough can reduce the risk of SAD?

What is SAD?

Seasonal Affective Disorder is known as SAD for short. SAD is a type of depression that occurs due to the change of season. People suffering with SAD will often experience it more severely as the season’s progress to a cold, wet and miserable winter. SAD is often easy to see as we go from autumn to winter. However some people suffer with SAD as spring turns to summer.

The Symptoms of SAD

There are lots of SAD symptoms. If you are experiencing any of these feelings you may find you are suffering from SAD. We would recommend that you pop and see your doctor so they can properly assess you, your mood and your health.

The common SAD symptoms are as follows;

  • Irritability
  • Trouble Getting To Sleep / Staying Asleep
  • Oversleeping / Not Waking With Ease
  • Lethargy During The Day
  • Loss Of Interest In Previously Enjoyed Activities
  • Overly Sensitive To Others
  • A Change In Appetite; Either Constantly Hungry Or Loss Of Appetite

Why Do We Feel SAD?

The occurrence of SAD in the winter can often be down to a lack of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is known as a mood modulator or mood booster. There are foods that are rich in Vitamin D such as fish, mushrooms and poultry eggs. However, Vitamin D is produced within our bodies when we get the sun and UV rays on our skin.

How Does Winter Tanning Reduce SAD?

Winter tanning increases the production of Vitamin D in your body. In turn this boosts your mood and can work against reducing the risk of SAD during the colder months of the year.

If you think you are struggling with SAD you can visit your doctor to discuss your concerns or if you just fancy a mood boost; pop in for a tanning session at Locks and Shades.