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Wonderful Winter Wedding Hair

Wonderful Winter Wedding Hair

It goes without saying that every bride wants to look beautiful on their wedding day. This is why we have spoken to our bridal hair experts in Peterborough to share some top tips with you about how to create wonderful winter wedding hair.

In the run up to your wedding you need to make sure you look after your hair. We would recommend that you use a natural bristle brush or wide tooth wooden comb on your hair in the winter months. Cold winter weather can really play havoc with your hair. The colder and windier weather can cause hair to dry out and become frizzy and this sucks moisture from your hair. By using the right brush and comb you can avoid hair becoming too static.

Treating yourself to some deep conditioning treatments in the run up to the wedding is a great idea for wonderful winter wedding hair. These deep conditioning treatments will keep your hair and scalp moisturised. In turn this will keep your lengths and ends in optimum condition for your big day.

If you have unruly hair then we would recommend that you embrace the updo for your winter wedding hairstyle. This style will protect your hair from cold winds outside and central heating inside. By opting for an updo you know your hair will be neatly tucked into a beautiful style that won’t budge.

It is a good idea to consider what you are wearing to get wonderful winter wedding hair. A lovely faux fur shawl is a great way of keeping warm while having photos outside or walking down the aisle. However you will need to consider what hairstyle you want to match this shawl. For example a low bun at the side or back will look fabulous, but it may rub on the shawl and weaken the hairstyle. You may want to consider a higher bun instead so rubbing is avoided.

If you have a high necked dress then we would recommend that you wear your hair as high as possible. This creates a really beautiful effect that you make you feel and look tall and slender. If you would rather have your hair down then maybe consider a side swept look with some strands down the front to stunningly frame your face.

When looking for a wonderful wedding hair style make sure you tell your bridal hairdresser what you are wearing and the style of your dress. They can then create the perfect winter wedding hair for you, so you look fabulous on your big day.