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Xmas Day For Our Yaxley Hairdressers

We thought we would take the time to share with you what our awesome team of Yaxley Hairdressers are doing this Christmas Day. Have a look through what all the team are doing, and then choose which hairdresser you would most like to join on Christmas Day, or which of our Yaxley hairdressers you think has the best plans for Christmas Day.

While we are open on Christmas Eve, we do have some different opening times over the Christmas holidays so our awesome Yaxley hairdressers can have some time off. Make sure you check when we are open and book an appointment as soon as you can as we are getting busy already.


Jemma:  I am having a family xmas at my parents house a long with my husband, my brother, sister in law, nephew and grandparents! It will be my nephews first xmas so we are all excited to be spending the day together opening presents and eating lots of food!


Keeley: Christmas day I will be spending the morning at home so they can open all there presents then am meeting up with some family where we will be having Christmas dinner out  then spend the evening playing games and having  fun.


Charlie: For Christmas this year I’m having my in laws to be round. I did Christmas dinner last year for my family so I’m really looking forward to doing it again but for the in laws.


Danni D: Spending it with family and eating, haha!


Jade: On Christmas I see my family wake up with my children and spend the day visiting relatives, I love pretending to be Santa and watch my daughters face seeing he’s come because she’s been bribed to be “good”!!


Dani W: Christmas Day I spend the day with my mum’s side of the family, have dinner and play board games


Tia: For Christmas this year I have quite a few people to get round, so I’m staying at my boyfriends on Christmas Eve so we can wake up together and open our presents in the morning. Then I will go to my mum’s where my brothers and uncle will be there for Christmas dinner. This of course is the best thing about Christmas Day! I will then go to my Nan’s to see my Dad and give my little sister all of her presents. I don’t really do much on Christmas Day accept eat loads of crap and drink all the alcohol that your mum never actually buys unless it’s Christmas.


Molly: For Christmas, my mum is cooking dinner this year and I’m spending it with my family and my auntie, cousins and grandparents


Abby: This Christmas my family is coming over for a Christmas dinner, this is usually a tradition but after dinner we have this special game where we write riddles and place them in the house, we lift the lid and pick out our name and have to go look and find our present using the riddle once everyone has gone home we always watch a Christmas movie to end the day.


Lauren: This year is one of the first years we are staying at home all day. We normally spend time going around family members and seeing them open their presents. Which although we love, we felt would be unfair this year and all our boys want to do is play with their new presents.

We will mostly probably be getting up very early, due to our two boys and then exploring what Santa has left us. Then we will enjoy building and playing with the boys and their new bits and bobs. Dinner then gets started or continued so that all is on ready for our Christmas Lunch.

Pyjamas are normally worn all morning and we like to dress up just before dinner, so we are ready to sit down and be thankful for the year we have had. We then tell each other who we miss and who we think is also sat at the dinner table with us and then we share a yummy meal together.

We always each too much and then we will enjoy the evening with people popping over and playing silly Xmas games like pass the spout and where’s Santa’s hat.


Donna:  I’m looking forward to our first xmas with our son, I will be cooking for about 13 in the afternoon made up of mine and my husband’s family. We always play games in the afternoon, but usually my family avoid playing with me as I’m slightly competitive.


Which of our Yaxley hairdressers days is most like your Christmas Day?