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Becca joined our team early in 2024 after starting out on a salon floor when she started out as a Saturday girl, cleaning, sweeping and making drinks. Since then she hasbeen gaining experience and skills and has now been a qualified hairdresser for 18 years. Hairdressing is a lifelong passion and love of Becca’s and she really enjoys helping people feel better about themselves and brightening their days. Becca embraces the opportunity to be creative when giving her clients a hair colour, cut or style they’ll adore. Becca is always ecouraging her client to book in for regular trims every 6-8 weeks. While this doesn’t make your hair automatically grow faster, it does make it healthier. Things like pollution, stress, smoking and heat damage from styling tools all result in split ends – these cn be removed from a monthly trim, leaving your hair fresher and healthier. Becca is inspired by Jennifer Aniston back in the ‘Friends’ days – so you know you’ll get great looking hair when you book with Becca.

Favourite TakeAway: Indian (although the kids aren’t keen)
Favourite Film: The Notebook ( I’m a sucker for a love story)
Dream Holiday: The Maldives ( without the children so I can relax on the beach and drink cocktails)
No.1 Hair Product: A good nourishing hair oil – it finishes off any style perfectly.
Star Sign: Aries