Affordable and Effective Tanning

We offer tanning in Peterborough as an affordable and effective way of getting that all over golden glow even when it is grey, miserable and raining outside.  Here in the UK we lack a certain amount of sunshine to lift our moods and create that sun-kissed look, but that doesn’t mean we have to miss out.

Here at Locks and Shades we can provide all your sun bed tanning needs at our tanning salon in Yaxley. We have both lay-down and stand-up sun beds to suit your needs and preferences and each have a large area for you to change in privacy. If you’d like more information, please get in touch.

MegaSun Bed
MegaSun Tanning Bed

Ultra Sun Beds

Our Ultra Sun sun beds in Peterborough are fitted with high-quality blu-twist bulbs. The twist in the bulb allows for a deeper and more even tanning service and all of our sun beds and compliant with the latest European safety rules. This means that you can put your mind at rest that you’re experiencing a safe tan with Locks and Shades.

Each of our sun beds in Peterborough are cleaned thoroughly between uses. We have a selection of makeup wipes, deodorants and fresh towels for our clients to use, along with sun goggles and winkeeze which are all supplied for use at no extra cost.

Pro Tan and Fiesta Sun Products

We have Pro Tan and Fiesta Sun products available at reception, to help you achieve the best possible tan that look beautiful and lasts.

Please Note: Under 18’s are NOT permitted to use the sun beds in Peterborough and we have a maximum time limit of 12 minutes usage within a 24 hour period because our client’s safety is important to us.

Tanning Towels

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Our tanning services in Peterborough will allow you to gain that healthy looking glow inside and out, even when the weather is rubbish outside. You’ll leave the salon with a sunny spring in your step and sun kissed skin.