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Jul 14, 2017 / by AnneMarie Gilbert


If you are looking for natural looking, beautiful coloured hair then why not book a hair appointment with the professional and experienced Hair Colourists in Peterborough here at Locks and Shades in Yaxley?

We predominantly use Wella colouring products, methods and techniques to bring our clients the best quality products and fashions. We care about the condition of your hair and this means we will not complete a hair colour service if we feel it will destroy the healthy condition of your hair. We will also offer after-care guidance to keep your hair healthy and colour bright after you leave the salon.

We recommend our INNOLUXE conditioning treatment is added during your hair colour service to help you hair remain in the best possible condition while the colouring process takes place. Your safety and happiness is extremely important to us, we will always request you come in for a skin test at least 24 hours prior to any hair colour service.

Changing the colour of your hair will complete refresh your style and can have incredibly amazing results. The right hair colour will bring out your eyes while lifting your skin tone and giving you a more youthful appearance which in turn will help give you a massive boost in your confidence.

Full Head Hair Colour in Peterborough

With a full head hair colour you’ll completely transform the way you look and feel ensuring that you turn heads for all the right reasons. Have a chat with your hair colourist before the appointment to help make sure the right colour is chosen for you.

Highlights and Lowlights

Our highly skilled hair colourists in Peterborough can add depth, tone and richness to your hair colour by carefully using highlights and low-lights. The result with be a softer natural hair colour or that extra bit of ‘umph’ your hairstyle has been waiting for. We can also use this technique to cover those stubborn grey hairs.

Root Re-Growth and Grey Hair Covering

Do you hate using hair dye from a box to faff around trying to cover up root re-growth and / or grey hairs? Then why not boom yourself in for a treatment with our friendly hair colourists? We can easily cover grey hairs and root re-growth; leaving you looking and feeling revitalised and youthful again.

Hair Colour Correction

If you’ve tried to colour your hair at home and it’s created a hair colour disaster then don’t panic – there is no need to shave all your hair off or permanently wear a hat until it grows out. We can offer professional advice to turn your hair nightmare into a dream. All we would recommend right now is to NOT dye over the problem as this can make it worse. Speak to us instead.

Book your colouring appointment now or contact us directly to book a free hair colour consultation with one of our fully qualified hair colourists in Peterborough at Locks and Shades.


Please book in advance to avoid disappointment


Full head highlights/balayage £59.00 £50.00 £47.00 £40.00
½ head highlights £47.00 £43.00 £39.00 £34.00
T-section highlights £39.00 £35.00 £30.00 £28.00
Balayage maintenance £39.00 £35.00 £30.00 £28.00
Slice/flashes £19.00 £18.00 £17.00 £16.00
Full head colour * £41.00 £37.00 £32.00 £27.00
Root colour £32.00 £29.00 £27.00 £22.00
Tone and Shine £38.00 £34.00 £29.00 £27.00
Innoluxe treatment £15.00 £15.00 £15.00 £15.00
Toner £10.00 £10.00 £10.00 £10.00
Premium shine colour upgrade £10.00 £10.00 £10.00 £10.00
A skin test is required 48 hours before a colour service.
* An additional charge of £5 may be added for very long hair
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