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Dec 18, 2019 / by Donna Young / In Hair Care / Leave a comment

Cleaning Your Hair Brush

When you love your hair, you want to take care of it. You wash it regularly and have regular hair appointments to keep it looks its best. However, you could be making one small mistake that is drastically affecting your hair care routine. We are talking about cleaning your hair brush.

Have a think; when was the last time you cleaned your hair brush? Have you ever cleaned your hair brush? Do you know how to go about cleaning your hair brush? When you use a dirty or unwashed brush on your clean hair you are mixing the dirty hair on your hair brush with the freshly cleaned hair on your head – not a good idea!

We would recommend that you clean your hair brush at least once a month, ideally once every 2 weeks. This will help remove any product build up in your hair brush and reduce stray hairs that can clog up your hair brush. This will keep your hair looking fresh and clean. It will also help extend the lifetime of your hairbrush as well.

To wash your hair brush get a bowl of water and mix it with your shampoo. This should ideally be a clarifying shampoo if possible. Stir the mix with your fingers or a spoon so the shampoo is completely mixed into the water and add your hairbrush. The reason we would recommend a clarifying shampoo is because this is great for removing product build up.

Place the brush in the bowl so the entire head is submerged. Instead of scrubbing the brush clean just leave it to soak. This is gentler on the bristles. Ideally you should leave the brush to soak for 3-5 minutes.  If it is a wooden brush you will want to soak it for closer to 3 minutes.

Once you have left your brush to soak for the allocated time rinse off the brush. You can remove any excess hairs with the tail of a comb. Run lukewarm water over the brush to help rinse away the shampoo. A rat tail comb is a great way to pull any stray hairs out of the bristles in your hair brush. However, if you don’t have a rat tail comb you can use a plastic fork.

Then lay a towel on the side and leave your hair brush to dry on it for a few hours. This will help any excess water drain off. Your hair brush will then feel clean and fresh ready for the next you need it.

Cleaning your hair brush is often something that people forget, but is really important for clean and healthy hair.