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Hair Styles For Diamond Shaped Faces

Hair Styles For Diamond Shaped Faces

Here at Locks and Shades our talented hairstylists are always chatting to clients about the right hairstyles for them, their lifestyle and their faces. In this blog post we would like to talk about the best hair styles for diamond shaped faces.

Firstly, what is a diamond shaped face?

This means that your forehead and jaw line are the same width. The widest part of your face, if you have a diamond shaped face, will be your cheekbones. If you’re still not sure what we mean, think Halle Berry, Ciara and Vanessa Huggins. They have almost the perfect definition of a diamond shaped face.

Hair Styles for Diamond Shaped Faces

A diamond shaped face is symmetrical and balanced. If you have a diamond shaped face you want to accentuate your elegant face, instead of trying to balance it out. We would recommend that you go for long and side-swept bangs. These will help highlight your cheekbones especially if you have long layers. If you prefer short hair then why not consider a textured lob as a great hairstyle for diamond shaped faces?

However, if you really want to show off your bone structure then you may want to consider a sleek middle parting with your hair tucked behind your ears. A sleek high ponytail will also show off your great bone structure in the same way.

Hair Styles to Avoid for Diamond Shaped Faces

If you have a diamond shaped face you are pretty lucky in the fact you can pull off almost any hair colour or style. However there are some styles you should avoid such as bangs that go straight across your face as this will shorten your face or make it look smaller than it is. They will also accentuate the largest part of your face and make your chin appear super narrow too.

If you’re trying to decide on the best hair style for your diamond shaped face then give us a call. We can book you in for a hair consultation in Yaxley and talk about the best hair style for your face shape, your personality and your lifestyle.