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Hairstyles For Long Faces

Hairstyles For Long Faces

This is our last blog post in a series of blogs about hairstyles for different face shapes and for this one we will be looking at hairstyles for long faces. We will recommend the best ones for long faces and also the ones to avoid!

So, what do we mean by a long face? Your face will be very similar to an oval shaped face, but just longer. The length of your face will be noticeably longer than the width of your face if you have a long face.

There are some awesome celebrities out there really embracing their long faces with some amazing hairstyles! Three great examples are Sarah Jessica Parker, Hilary Swank and Liv Tyler.

The Best Hairstyles for Long Faces

For many people with long faces, they just want to make their face appear wider. This then balances out the longer length. To achieve this easily, the best hairstyles for long faces are curls. Think Carrie Bradshaw! Her loose natural curls opened up her face shape and she looked incredible.

If you are considering loose curls or wavy hairstyles for long faces then make sure the waves hit the widest part of your face. This will often be your cheekbone. This will then create the illusion of a wider face. A good salon blow-dry is a great way to achieve more volume and width too. Whatever hairstyle you choose, just remember to choose width over length!

Hairstyles for Long Faces to Avoid

If you stick with the rule ‘wider not longer’ you won’t go far wrong when it comes to hairstyles for long faces. Try to avoid long straight hair past mid-length as this lengthens your face. Instead, go for curls or waves if you prefer longer hair. One length hair and super sleek locks can also make your face look longer, so you may want to avoid these hairstyles too.

If you are still unsure of your face shape or the right hairstyle for you, then give us a call or pop in. We have super talent stylists who can advise you on the best look for you.