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Meet Charlie, Our Newest Stylist In Peterborough

Charlie joined the Locks and Shades team as a Senior Stylist just a few weeks ago and already. She has made a huge impression on our clients with her positive attitude and excellent skills; but who is the person behind the scissors?

We had a sit down with our hair stylist Charlie to find out more;

So Charlie, what got you into hairdressing?

This is something I get asked a lot, usually we will get into the trade because a family member or friend inspires them. Nobody close to me is a hairstylist, it was just something I always wanted to be. For some reason, I have always hated having my hair cut because no matter who did it or how they did it. I always felt I could do better and I think that was probably the main reason I chose to be a hair stylist in Peterborough.

As soon as I completed my GCSEs I went straight to Stamford College to train to be a hair dresser and that was just over seven years ago. It’s a career choice I made and have never regretted.

Apart from the team here at Locks and Shades (of course) are there any hairdressers you admire?

Yes, definitely you guys as you all put the client first and really care about the hair you are working with, but there is no particular hairdresser I admire. However, in every hair salon I have worked in I always look up to the top stylist because they are in that position for a reason. I watch the way they work, their techniques and different ways they work so I can try these techniques myself. I feel the best way to learn and improve is to learn from more experienced stylists.

What is it you love about hairdressing?

I love love love cutting and styling and how predictable it is; you cut a bit of hair and it’s shorter – it’s really that simple. But colouring is a whole different ball game as the results of hair colouring in Peterborough can be really unpredictable.

I really enjoy doing a nice blow dry too as this makes clients feel great about their hair. I love showing my clients how beautiful their hair can look naturally as well as styled differently.

What’s your favourite hair technique?

I enjoy a good texturising; whether it’s to texture the ends so that layers sit better I think it’s a great hair technique. I think there’s a huge difference between a good texturised cut and a blunt, straight bulking cut. A texturising cut will give clients more movement and it helps create body too.

Your hair always looks great now, but did you have any dodgy haircuts as a child Charlie?

I was lucky enough to be post perm generation or that would definitely have been a style that I tried myself and would have been suffering that embarrassment now. However, I was definitely part of the first straighteners generation and my hair was often straightened to an inch of its life leaving me with broken, dry and frizzy ends!

What’s your top hair tip?

Nourishment! It’s my favourite word and I seem to use it on repeat everyday at the salon. Nourishing your hair allows you to get the best from it. A well conditioned healthy head of hair will help you achieve any style, cut or colour wise. It means your colour will last longer and it will be more vibrant and shiny but look more beautiful too.

If you have curly hair you need more nourishment than other hair types because it is naturally drier and needs good conditioning and oil based styling products to stop it frizzing.


If you like what you have read about Charlie, our Senior Stylist, then why not book an appointment or consultation with her now to see what she can do for your hair?