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Popular Summer Wedding Hairstyles

Popular Summer Wedding Hairstyles

Whether you are a bride, a member of the wedding party or a guest at a wedding this summer, one thing you’ll be considering is your hair. We’ve had a chat with our hair stylists in Yaxley and created a list of our favourite summer wedding hairstyles that we think you’ll love.

Feel free to book a hair appointment for one of these summer wedding hairstyles. Alternatively, just use them for inspiration;


The chignon has been a firm favourite of summer wedding hairstyles for many years. It is a classic look that’s always in fashion. The chignon is basically a fancy low bun, which sits beautifully at the nape of the neck. The great thing about this summer wedding hairstyle is that it suits almost any style of dress and never looks out of place.

Boho Braids

This is a wedding hairstyle that often feels like it was made for the summer. It is a laid back, stunning style that looks bohemian and relaxed. While it may look simple to create, it is a tricky style to create. This is even more the case on a hot day when you are trying to do a hundred things at once to prepare for the wedding. It may be best to book a hair-up appointment in Yaxley with us?

Classic Up-Do

A classic up-do is a popular summer wedding hairstyle for that more formal look. When crested by a professional hairdresser, a classic up-do for a wedding can look truly elegant throughout the day. It will also last well into the night too, no matter how many shapes you are throwing on the dance floor.

Messy Up Do

If you’d like your hair up for the wedding, but want a more relaxed look then a messy up do could be the perfect summer wedding hairstyle that you’re looking for. It is a slightly less polished finish to this hairstyle, but it works really well with a strapless dress if you want to keep your hair up.


Have a think about floral accessories too. Will you have flowers in your hair for the wedding, maybe a hairpiece or a tiara? Make sure you tell your wedding hairdresser in Peterborough what you want in your hair before the wedding. This means they can create the perfect wedding hairstyle for you.

Remember, summer is a popular time for weddings. Make sure you book your hairstyle appointment in quickly to avoid disappointment.