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Prepare For Beautiful Wedding Hair

Prepare For Beautiful Wedding Hair

In the run up to your wedding you will be planning lots. Talking about catering, RSVPs, people that haven’t RSVPed, people you hope won’t RSVP, the flavours of the cake, the colours of the flowers and such like. There is a lot to think about, and this can mean that important pampering can be forgotten.

In this blog post we share some top tips with you to prepare for beautiful wedding hair. There is the obvious task of booking your bridal hair appointment with a wedding hairdresser, and getting your bridal hair trial booked in. However, there are some other important things you need to do to prepare for beautiful wedding hair.

Treat Yourself

Once or twice a week treat your hair to an over-night hair oil treatment. Apply the hair treatment by really massaging the scalp to get the best effects of the product, and a relaxing treat for you too. The head massage will help stimulate blood flow to your scalp and this will help with optimal hair growth and a balanced sebum production too. But perhaps most importantly for your big day, it will leave your locks shiny and frizz free!

Turn Down the Heat

While a nice hot shower or bath may be tempting to wash away the wedding planning stress, don’t make it too hot. The hot water on your scalp will be as damaging to your hair as heated tools! You’ll also find that hot water on your scalp and hair will strip your scalp of the much needed moisture. This can then lead to a flaky scalp appearance.

Opt For Silk

If you suffer from frizzy or flyaway hair then you may want to consider a silk turban or silk pillow for sleeping in. After all you have a diamond on your finger, so why not where silk on your bed? By wrapping your hair in silk you are retaining the moisture in each strand. The silk pillow or turban will also reduce the excess static that can be caused by friction from normal pillows. Surely the ultimate treat to prepare for beautiful wedding hair?

Have you chosen your wedding hairdresser in Peterborough yet? If not then why not give us a call or pop in to see us. We would be happy to chat about our bridal hair services. Don’t forget we can travel to you on your wedding day too.

We can also share more tips with you to help you prepare for beautiful wedding hair.