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Prom Dresses And Prom Hairstyles

Some of us spend hours on end checking out prom dresses and hairstyles that work with the prom dresses. While you may just start by looking around, you will soon feel the stress mounting. As prom day approaches you might feel anxious that you don’t have the hairstyle in mind to match your dress.

However you really don’t need to worry – get your dress sorted and we will do the rest!
Our stylists at Locks and Shades have all the experience in prom, occasion and bridal hair.

When you have book an appointment at our salon please feel free to bring in a picture of your prom dress so we can get it perfect for you!
Some hairstyles really compliment certain dress necklines and we can advise you on all of this when you come in.

Halter Tops Dresses with Loose Braids

You want to show off the pretty neckline of the dress, but you have a lot of shoulder on show with the dress too. Piling your hair on top can leave your shoulders looking bare, while wearing your hair down can take the attention away from the gorgeous neckline. A loose braid over your shoulder can look fabulous, or a braid at the nape of your neck looks really nice too.

Spaghetti Straps with Tousled Chignon

Spaghetti straps give a really delicate look to a dress, so you need a delicate hairstyle to match. A tousled chignon to one side can work this delicate effect beautifully. Matching some subtle jewellery such as some long earrings and a small bracelet will bring this delicate look together perfectly.

One Shoulder Dress with Ballerina Bun

The one shoulder neckline on a prom dress is a dramatic look. The last thing you want to do with a one shoulder neckline is cover it with your hair. A chic and sleek ballerina bun is a really classic and elegant style that looks fantastic with a dress of this style. If you want to make a statement, this is the dress style and prom hairstyle for you.

Strapless Dress or Sweetheart Neckline with Loose Side Waves

Strapless dresses are a really popular prom dress style. The leave loads of room for playing around with different prom hairstyles. However our preferred hairstyle for this dress is some lose waves falling over one shoulder. It looks slightly retro and creates a really glamorous look.

High Neckline Dress with Chic Ponytail

High necklines are becoming a real trend in the world of prom dresses recently. This style of dress looks sleek and stunning with a clean and simple ponytail. To add to the drama and glam maybe a touch of bold red lips and you’re set to go.

If you have a prom or a special occasion coming up then call us today and get booked in so we can make your hair look amazing!